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Baltimore blogs and online sources

This month we have been exploring Baltimore’s most important issues as covered by four major types of news media. We've reviewed coverage by newspapers, magazines and wire services. We've watched the television news. And we've tuned in to Baltimore’s radio outlets.

During the final week of this monthlong news hunt, we focused on the newest forms of news media: online sources, such as blogs, web magazines, podcasts, and other forms of internet expression.

Baltimore's blogosphere includes a wide range of views and voices. Dozens of bloggers weigh in on local issues, and some cover single topics with admirable focus and consistency, such as Baltimore Crime and Baltimore Slumlord Watch.  

There are also websites that have matured into important news-gathering operations. Amibitious sites like Baltimore Brew and Investigative Voice are focusing on traditional news reporting in a new medium. What Weekly and Bmore Media are using blends of text, audio, photography and video to capture Baltimore's innovation.


Big plans for the Inner Harbor

In addition to the end of Oprah's television show and some moving Memorial Day remembrances, a few stories dominated the news in Baltimore last week.

Much of the news and opinion writing last week revolved around a development project announced by the Greater Baltimore Committee. The plan, which includes major private-sector commitments, has provoked quite a few follow-up stories and some sharp debate.

Here are some examples of online coverage and opinion-writing on downtown development:



City, state and local politics receive a lot of passionate attention from Baltimore's bloggers and online sources. There are many politically focused blogs and even a political podcast (Red Maryland Radio), but debate is a recurring feature of just about every online media outlet in Baltimore. Here are some interesting contributions from last week:



Baltimore's schools have been a constant source of news and comment during our news hunt this month. Online sources bring to the fore unfiltered expert perspectives (like this post from the Open Society Institute's blog) and the views of parents. The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance blog gives parents a chance to talk about their kids' schools. A parent deeply involved in the city's public charter school movement shares her knowledge at her blog. At a new online publication called Baltimore Fishbowl, another parent reflects on the demands of the college admissions circus.


Other online stories of interest

As you can see from the sources above, there is no shortage of online news and opinion in Baltimore. There is also a lot of diversity in this online ecosystem: a state whose politics are dominated by Democrats has a strong undercurrent of conservative opinion; urban neighborhoods and small suburban communities have their own town criers; and, even as impassioned amateurs make important contributions, there are now full-time professionals delivering news and opinion online.

Later this week, look for our blog post summing up the lessons and insights we've collected throughout this monthlong hunt for news about Baltimore's most important issues. In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts on this city's very interesting media landscape. You can also rate and review sources on NewsTrust Baltimore.



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