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Awards for top student reviewers

As part of the NewsTrust Baltimore pilot, we want to recognize the work of our community. We will be celebrating the work of our college student reviewers in May, followed by high school reviewers in June. We will also be recognizing journalists and media outlets, as well as our community reviewers, later this summer.

For student reviewers, there is still time to review and post stories, for a chance to win one of the following awards. These awards will be given out separately for high schools and colleges, and at each partner school with eligible students.

Most Trusted Reviewer Award: This award goes to a student that is recognized by NewsTrust editors and the community at large as a thoughtful, critical, unbiased reviewer.

News Hound Award: This award goes to a voracious reviewer, the student member who has done the most reviews (according to our guidelines).

Top Researcher Award: This award goes to the member who posts the most journalism stories from a variety of sources, helping us find good local journalism.



To be eligible for one of these awards, students must also be Certified Student Reviewers. This certification is awarded to any student who does the following:

1. Reviews six stories using the "full rating" form, including a critical, unbiased note with each review. Two of those six reviews must be for the following stories:

Racial Tension Simmers on Martha's Vineyard as Barak Obama Arrives

Opting Out - Kweisi Mfume not running in mayoral race, councilman says

2. The student must be enrolled in high school or college and have signed up for NewsTrust Baltimore through one of our educational partners. If you are a student in the Baltimore area who has not signed up through your school, please email us at baltimore at newstrust dot net to confirm your eligibility.


Prizes and recognition

The students at each partner school who receive the superlative awards of Most Trusted, News Hound and Top Researcher will receive a NewsTrust certificate, a $25 Amazon gift card and a web badge they can add to their blog or website. Certified Student Reviewers will receive a NewsTrust certificate and web badge. These awards will be an excellent addition to a college application or resume!


Deadlines for posting stories and making reviews

College student deadline: April 30, 2011

High school student deadline: May 20, 2011

Thank you for helping us find good local journalism and being part of this experiment!





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