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News hunt on transportation and the Red Line

This week, we're conducting a news hunt on transportation, with a special look at the Red Line, the east-west transit project in Baltimore. Our partner in this search for good journalism is Urbanite magazine, which has just launched this year's Urbanite Project, focused on ideas that address quality-of-life issues brought about by the Red Line. Read more about the project here.

The Red Line has been an abstract project and subject of debate for more than half a decade -- Would it be bus lines? Rail lines? Underground or above? What would the exact route be? Who are its customers?Our news hunt on the Red Line will help pull together various reports from the past several years that will help put the project into a larger context. Rebecca Messner, a writer and editor at Urbanite, will be helping gather those articles and post them to the Red Line and transportation pages on NewsTrust Baltimore.

But we need your help, too. Do you recall good stories that helped explain the Red Line? Or perhaps you know of bloggers from Canton and Fells Point who have been vocal about the proposals. Help us find good coverage about the Red Line and post and review those on the site. 

This news hunt won't just be about the Red Line, however. This is an opportunity to take a look at some larger transportation issues, including commuting, public transit woes, road infrastructure, and even cycling. Please join us in finding and discussing these articles -- and we'll see you on the site!



Brian O'Malley

A few suggestions:

Dec. 10, 2008 Baltimore Sun "Dixon, Smith to back east-west light rail option"

Dec. 15, 2010 Maryland Daily Record "Md. needs more sustainable transit funding"

Aug. 4, 2009 Baltimore Sun "O'Malley backs modified Red Line plan"

Aug. 28, 2008 Maryland Daily Record "While you're there-MD pols explore Denver transit"

Jan. 25, 2008 Maryland Daily Record "A new push for transit in central Maryland"

Aug/Sep 2009 Channel Magazine "Steering Baltimore Toward the Road of Sustainability"

Jun. 29, 2009 Baltimore Business Journal "Advocates: MD Stimulus Projects score high marks but mass transit short changed"

Mar. 6, 2008 Baltimore Business Journal "Transit advocates call for getting projects 'off
the drawing board and into action'"

Sep. 11, 2009 Maryland Daily Record "Editorial: Let Transit Drive Growth"

Mary Hartney

Thanks, Brian, for the great suggestions! I invite you to sign up for our site -- http://baltimore.newstrust.net/ -- and post those stories if you're able. We'll also try to hunt some of them down, as well, so they show up on the Red Line page. http://baltimore.newstrust.net/topics/redline

Henry Kay

The Red Line website includes a comprehensive list of news coverage for the past couple of years. Go to www.baltimoreredline.com and click on "Media Information and Images." Thanks!

Baltimore City Department of Transportation

For the diverse communities that make up Baltimore, planning for the Red Line is critical to the success of the project. Starting in 2008, the City of Baltimore has spearheaded a unique collaboration with residents and businesses along the line. The Red Line Community Compact outlines goals and strategies to benefit and create jobs, spur economic development, and improve the environment in communities along the route. The agreement is a testament to a wide-reaching collaborative process, and the responsibility for implementing these goals and strategies will require a partnership of many parties. Please visit www.gobaltimoreredline.com for more information and to sign up for our Red Line updates.

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