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Education is the focus every day for our partners

While education is the topic of this week's news hunt, learning is the priority every week for our educational partners. Here are some of the innovative and inspiring projects they have shared with us: 

  • You may have already read about Towson University professor Stacy Spaulding, and her peer-review critique model on our blog. Her colleagues are also using NewsTrust Baltimore in their classrooms. Thom Lieb is working with students to hone their editing techniques in News Editing. We have featured several of their reviews on our home page. JoAnne Broadwater uses NewsTrust Baltimore as a tool in her Mass Communications classes, introducing freshmen to media literacy, and helping her juniors and seniors hone their journalism, media production, and marketing skills.
  • University of Maryland, College Park professor Ronald Yaros is conducting an evaluation of the NewsTrust audience with his students. They are also posting insightful reviews of local news. 
  • At Morgan State University, professor Allissa Richardson received a grant to develop a mobile journalism project. We are looking forward to reading, watching, and listening to their stories, and we hope you will review them with us!
  • If you missed last week's blog post, be sure to check out how Loyola University professor Stephanie Flores-Koulish spreads the media literacy mission.

Our high school partners are busy, as well:

  • Last week the Baltimore Freedom Academy hosted "Do the Right Thing," a presentation and community discussion of ethics and justice. Look for local editor Mary Hartney's post about that inspiring event later this week. 
  • The Baltimore Urban Debate League is planning a debate focused on education themes, using NewsTrust Baltimore as a research tool. Mary and I will be working with Chris Baron to help students learn how to use the site to find reliable information about their debate topics.
  • We're looking forward to our next news hunt, with guest host Wide Angle Youth Media. Their annual Who Are You? youth media festival, which is focused on youth identity, launches this week, and they will be asking for your help to find the best local journalism on youth identity and issues.

If you have found a way to use NewsTrust Baltimore to help your students or community to become more thoughtful news consumers, please let us know. We'd love to share your story!



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