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Your reviews in the spotlight

In our fourth week here at NewsTrust Baltimore, our focus is on living and culture stories. So far we've had some great reviews from our members. I'm sharing some of them here today, along with some stories that could use your reviews.

The Baltimore Sun article "A historical battle over Maryland statues," pits history against history, as lawmakers debate whether or not to replace the statue of John Hanson with one of Harriet Tubman in the U.S. Capitol. Reviewers have found this article to be very fair overall. Kevin Griffin Moreno, a program officer and advocacy coordinator at the Baltimore Community Foundation and author of the blog Unsung Baltimore, wrote: "Ms. Bykowicz provides enough historical background, political context, and contrasting viewpoints that readers are able to make up their own minds, confident that they have gleaned the necessary information to do so."

In "Live to Dance" the City Paper reports on an upcoming dance event, interviewing two members of the local DIY dance scene. Asia S. Hinton, a Towson University journalism student, noted that "this story is a bit lengthy but is has all the elements of good journalism." She added that "it also does a great job in describing the emotion and passion of the two subjects in the story."

On the opinion side, the "dime a drink" tax has had its share of coverage. Rebecca Ruggles, a health care program coordinator, reviews "'Dime a drink' tax would cost thousands of jobs" critically, and said: "I think the writer is playing on fears by titling his piece 'Tax costs thousands of jobs'. He fails to address the comparative position of Maryland relative to other states which raised their alcohol taxes long ago."

Please add your voice to the discussions above, or help us review these recent stories:

Thank you for being part of our community in the search for good local journalism!



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